West Music's impressive selection of cajon drums has the specific instrument to complement a full range of percussionists, from the experienced performer to the musical teacher wanting to broaden students' minds. Our hardwood and fiberglass cajon boxes come from elite percussion brands like Meinl, Pearl and LP, and spotlight attractive finishes. Additionally, if you or your students feel like being crafty, West Music also carries an array of build-it-yourself kits. Regardless of whether your audience is comprised of enthralled youngsters or adult music fans, listeners will appreciate the unique South American flavor and unique playing style of the cajon drum, available at West Music.

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    Did you know that the cajon is one of the most popular percussion instruments in the world? This six-sided “box” instrument is originally from Peru, created during the late 18th century. Bring a piece of percussion history to your home or classroom with a cajon drum. More than just a plain box, this soulful hand instrument needs no accessories for your kids to start playing, though you can still incorporate plastic or metal brushes to enhance their sound. The cajon drum is used today in collaborating and accompanying acoustic guitars. This style is especially popular in folk music, but the cajon is gaining notoriety today in blues, funk and jazz. Teach music lovers off all ages about the rhythm of this box drum. West Music carries cajon drums along with their corresponding kits from brands like LP, Meinl, Pearl, Nino Percussion and Sonor. From bare essential designs to more decorative and colorful pieces, we have no shortage of selection. Purchase from our site and complete your percussion set today.