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Doumbek Darbuka

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West Music's beautiful doumbek and darbuka drums are exquisitely crafted by some of the top percussion brands in the world, such as Remo, Meinl, and Toca. Showcasing remarkably detailed finishes along the sides, the goatskin heads of these Middle Eastern hand instruments produce a surprisingly diverse range of sounds to keep players and listeners intrigued. The darbuka and doumbek drums are excellent for homes and classrooms, and are durable and lightweight enough to be transported from one performance hall to the next with minimal hassle. Explore our online possibilities to find darbukas and doumbeks of all sizes, colors and price points to infuse international beats into your next performance.

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$283.90 $169.95
Meinl HE-124 8" Darbuka Hand-Engraved Aluminium
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Meinl Black Silver
$100.00 $59.99
Toca Freestyle SFDK-9RP 9" Pre-Tuned Doumbek
Item No. 201872 In Stock
Toca Red
$97.00 $61.99
$283.90 $169.95
Meinl HE-114 8" Darbuka Hand-Hammered Aluminum
Item No. 203165 In Stock
Meinl Silver
$100.00 $59.99
Toca Freestyle SFMTDK-9AB 9" Key-Tuned Doumbek
Item No. 202006 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Toca Brown
$170.00 $109.99
Remo Festival DK-2510-67 10" Pre-Tuned Doumbek Holi Blue
Item No. 205764 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Remo Blue
$283.90 $169.95
Remo Festival DK-2510-68 10" Pre-Tuned Doumbek Tribal Green
Item No. 205765 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Remo Green
$283.90 $169.95
Meinl HE-3018 8.5" Doumbek, Hand-Engraved Aluminum
Item No. 203852 In Stock
Meinl Black Silver
$244.50 $149.99

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    Migrating from the Eastern Hemisphere to Western Hemisphere, doumbeks and darbukas quickly assimilated into classrooms. These drums are a favorite among teachers looking to introduce young children and music students to the rich history and mystical sound that these instruments bring. The doumbek is originally from Egypt and made from ceramic or metal. Its seamless drumhead makes it ideal for teaching any beginner because there is no hardware to get in the way. Darbukas, on the other hand, are from Turkey and only available in metal material. They have a brassier tone and a rim pinned with hardware that allows the tension adjustment. The origin of darbuka or "darabukka" comes from the Arabic word "dabke" which means, "to strike."

    Both the doumbek and the darbuka drums offer a beautiful sound, along with an exotic appearance. Many feature intricate designs and traditional Middle Eastern patterns along the sides that make them almost unique works of art themselves. Top names include Toca, Meini, and Remo.