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Frame drums are one of the very first instruments known to man – and quite possibly the first ever invented! These percussion kits continue to provide uplifting beats that are perfect for spicing up a classroom lesson or encouraging participation during music therapy sessions. At West Music, we have thoughtfully curated a collection of frame and paddle drums in styles including buffalo and thinline. For beginners and young players, we've included colorful designs, easy-to-hold designs, and pre-tuned frame drum sets in various sizes. Plus, for those looking for a truly authentic sound, we've added quality instruments from Sonor, Rem, Nino, Studio 49, and more. Browse online and inspire your classroom today!

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Remo Fiberskyn HD-8512-00 12" Frame Drum
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Remo Fiberskyn HD-8508-00 8" Frame Drum
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Remo Fiberskyn HD-8516-00 16" Frame Drum
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Remo Rhythm Club RH-0106-00 6" Frame Drum
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Remo 5 Years+
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    Although the term "frame drum" refers to any drum that has a head width greater than its depth, the category also includes paddle drums. These fun instruments have a handle for easy grip while playing. Inspired by the indigenous cultures of America, buffalo drums produce an enjoyable sound for everyone! Constructed from a variety of materials, frame drums can include plywood, oak, and rosewood for the frame and rawhide or manufactured materials for the drum head. Pre-tuned frame drums allow users to play right out of the box, although instruments with mechanical tuning are available.

    Paddle drums, in particular, are perfect for kids because they combine rhythm and sound, while coordinating with classroom games. They are easy to hold by the handle and work by hand, with a mallet, or bouncing a ball off the drumhead.