Gathering Drums

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Used in cultures around the world for ceremonies, the gathering drum has a long history tracing back to communities utilizing the instrument at social events. Whether it was to signal the crowd or assist in dance performances, people love using this drum for its ease of use and beautiful sounds. The instrument taps into our primal instincts of loving rhythm, whether we choose to use mallets or beat the drum barehanded.


Facilitate group bonding in the classroom with a set of gathering drums. Select them with stands that adjust depending on the player's height, or take them to the floor with the traditional style.  Options include kid-friendly drums with fun and colorful designs surrounding the entire product. Expose young minds to world tribal music with these percussion instruments. With no special training needed,  anyone can pick up a gathering drum and begin feeling the beat! At West  Music, we competitively price all of our products to offer the best deal for our customers.