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Quality, sustainability, affordability, and variety are four key elements to all Remo Tubano models. Remo Tubanos offer great sound, stability, and different functionalities based upon the series. From the great-sounding Remo 100 Series Tubanos, budget-friendly Remo 50 Series Tubanos, Remo Versa series, Remo Festival Series Tubanos, Remo Kids Percussion Tubano and Fliptop Tubano series (for the early childhood or elementary music classroom), Remo HealthRhythms series, and the Remo Green and Clean Tubano. 

We have a great collection of Remo Tubanos for you. From Music Educators, Music Therapists, recreational and wellness facilitators, percussionists and percussion enthusiasts can attest to the quality and history of well-balanced offerings for rhythmic music-making from Remo Tubanos.
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Remo 100 Series Kintekloth Tubano Set of 3
Item No. 203574 In Stock
Remo Kintekloth
$1,703.70 $1,019.85
$551.90 $329.95
$13,204.80 $7,895.95
$660.90 $389.95
Remo 100 Series TU-1110-PM 10" Key-Tuned Tubano Kintekloth
Item No. 201584 In Stock
Remo Kintekloth
$490.90 $299.95
Remo World Music Drumming PP-WMDC-EE Package E
Item No. 201089 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$7,423.40 $4,495.95
$10,242.10 $5,995.95
Remo Kids Percussion DP-25TU-01 Set of 3 Nested Tubanos
Item No. 205774 In Stock
Remo 5 Years+
$704.00 $361.95
$9,599.40 $5,742.20
    Similar to the tunes produced by the conga and the African kpanlogo, the Remo tubano drums from West Music produce rich and warm sounds that work perfectly into World Music lessons, percussion sets, and even therapy sessions. Crafted with sturdy feet students don’t need to tip or slant the drum to create the desired tone, these instruments only need their hands to play. With their weather-resistant and easy-to-clean materials, Remo tubanos are low-maintenance and make a perfect addition to any classroom or therapy room.

    Designed by the minds at Remo, tubano drums are easy to play and come in a huge assortment of styles, colors, sizes, and sets. Whether you’re a therapist looking to get clients moving and having fun, homeschool your children, or teach in large classes and want students to follow set rhythms, there’s a drum to suit any need and budget.