Note Knacks Extension Set
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Note Knacks Extension Set

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This Note Knacks Extension Set will take your rhythms to a more advanced level!

You can let students create their own rhythms, develop fun, interactive games, or you can arrange rhythms for students to perform. This is an excellent hands-on tool for teaching music literacy and for developing rhythmic sight reading.

This 43-piece set includes:

  • One dotted whole note
  • 2 dotted half notes
  • 4 dotted quarter notes
  • 4 dotted eighths
  • 2 quarter triplets
  • 4 eighth triplets
  • 4 three quarter notes beamed
  • 4 two beamed eighths
  • 4 four beamed sixteenths
  • 4 one eighth beamed to two sixteenths
  • 4 two sixteenths beamed to one eighth
  • 2 one dotted eight beamed to one sixteenth
  • A 6/8, a 9/8 and a 12/8 time signature frame
  • A canvas bag to keep all the pieces together


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BrandNote Knacks
AuthorPugliese, Kristin


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