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Gandayina Xylophone Music of Ghana By SK Kakraba Lobi CD Sk Kalraba was born in the northwest region of Ghana. He plays the xylophone known as gyil, a 14-bar instrument with the bars suspended over gourds. Giyils have a characteristic buzzing sound and most are tuned in the pentatonic scale. The xylophone is important in NW Ghanaian music and especially played for funerals. It can be played by a soloist or with a group of drums, singers, dancers, and flute players. The West African xylophone was the inital inspiration for the creation of Orff instruments. The pieces on this CD are a combination of traditional pieces SK has arranged and new pieces he has composed. Some pieces include musicians on Atenteben flute, flute, gankogui bell, rattle, and drums. ContentsDarkipong Fonwayinfuyo Norsuobie Binkpongbile Gandayina Saanfudongtarafere Kpilkalaa We-nyeme Kontonbile Porsaradinuowontuo Dela


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AuthorLobi, SK Kakraba
PublisherDouglas Goodkin


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