Grover TMB-T2 John Tafoya Articulate General Timpani Mallets
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Grover TMB-T2 John Tafoya Articulate General Timpani Mallets

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The Grover TMB-T2 John Tafoya Articulate General Timpani Mallets use very high quality bamboo shafts that are slightly shorter and thinner than our Artist’s Choice bamboo mallets. The dimensions are 15″ length x approx 7/16″ diameter. The bamboo is finished using an amino flat finish that is both easy to grip and protects the bamboo from the elements. All shafts are hand-paired by weight, color and feel to ensure proper balance.
Quality wool felts are hand-sewn over radial wood cores that provide a perfect balance of sonic "attack"and "body”. The "inverted"layering of the felt is used so that extra clarity is produced across a very wide dynamic spectrum.
Designed in collaboration with renowned timpanist John Tafoya. "These mallets have been designed to deliver a super clear sound over a huge dynamic range. The bamboo is excellent and each mallet contains a custom rounded core. These terrific mallets are PERFECT for auditions!"– John Tafoya.



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Model NumberTMB-T2
SeriesJohn Tafoya


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