Guitar & Folk Strings

Browse our wide selection of guitar string packs and single guitar strings. We also carry ukelele strings!

Unsure of where to buy strings for guitars and ukuleles? West Music brings you guitar strings and ukelele strings from top manufacturers like Aquila, CF Martin, Ernie Ball, and more. What’s more, we understand that your choice of guitar or ukulele strings needs to accommodate your skill levels and sound preferences. For instance, if you’re searching for new acoustic guitar strings and like a challenge, take a look at a heavier string gauge. For beginners, lighter gauge versions will bring the best comfort. At West Music, we've curated a premium selection of electric, acoustic, and classical guitar string packs, offered in popular materials like nylon, nylgut and silver-plated copper. Additionally, our ukulele strings include soprano and baritone options, as well as everything in between. Order online with West Music to produce sweet jazz, captivating classical, or uplifting island melodies.