Guitar Effects Pedals

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For any guitarist, effects pedals are an important part of their arsenal, on stage or in the recording studio. An effects pedal allows a guitarist to change the sound of their guitar using their feet, going from sweet, chiming, and clean vibrato to growling distortion at the stomp of a switch. Think of the verse to chorus progression in Smells Like Teen Spirit, the recognized riff is a result of guitar pedal use.

Effects pedals can be single overdrive pieces, such as the legendary Big Muff, with its distorted sustain, or multi-channel boxes, which offer hundreds of different tones in a portable board. They are a vital part of any rig, whether you are making indie pop or heavy metal. Likewise, other options include pedals that act as guitar tuners, or the famous Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Pedal. At West Music, we have extensive options available at competitive prices, to delight any budding Jimi Hendrix, J Mascis or Suzanna Hoffs.