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Capos, which can be used on a variety of stringed instruments, are a fun and easy way to completely shift the sound of your instrument without actually expanding your chord knowledge. Great for beginners and advanced players alike, these tools give you the ability to achieve a new pitch without really having to do much more than apply it to the neck. West Music is happy to offer a full selection of these handy accessories, including models for classical and acoustic guitar. Moreover, our array of ukulele capos are perfect for the instrument’s smaller necks and typically wider fretboards. For players with disabilities, we also offer the cord buddy, a great assistive device for use at-home, in the classroom, or during music therapy.

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Troubadour Ukulele Chord Changer
Item No. 356837 In Stock
ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System
Item No. 354284 In Stock
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$29.95 $24.99
On-Stage GA200 Ukulele Capo
Item No. 355062 In Stock
$30.99 $18.95
$29.95 $24.99
Chordmakers E-Z Chord Capo for Guitar
Item No. 353489 In Stock
$19.95 $17.95
$29.95 $24.99
$29.95 $24.99
Kyser KGCB Classical Guitar Capo, Black
Item No. 350235 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$29.95 $24.99

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