Teaching new musicians the importance of taking care of his or her instruments is just as important as actual note playing. West Music's selection of guitar cleaning kits and care supplies will help ensure years of use from your expensive investments. We've hand selected the best guitar polish, waxes, sprays, oils and more ready to give your hardworking, fretted instruments the TLC they deserve. To avoid guitar damage due to climate changes, our collection also includes humidity and temperature sensors and controls for cases. Many items (such as guitar polish) are sold individually, but we've also got several comprehensive guitar cleaning and care kits to give you the most bang for your buck.

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Dampit 908OL Super Guitar Humidifier
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D'Addario DP0002 String Pro-Winder/Cutter
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$43.90 $24.99
$28.20 $18.99
$9.00 $7.95
On-Stage GK7000 Universal Guitar Care Kit
Item No. 354400 In Stock
$19.99 $12.95
On-Stage GA150 Guitar Humidifier
Item No. 356354 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$11.99 $6.95
Herco HE360 Guardfather Guitar Humidifier
Item No. 350427 In Stock
$5.52 $4.20
D'Addario PW-ECK-01 Premium Care Kit
Item No. 356513 In Stock
$109.95 $69.99

    Regardless if it belongs to a student or a professional, cleaning and maintaining any instrument is key to helping it look and sound great during practices and performances. This is especially true for fretted instruments like guitars, which can see improved appearance and tone from a thorough cleaning, which can extend their playing life for years to decades. Special guitar polishes and solutions are available both individually and as part of a kit to clean the fretboard, strings, finish, tuning keys, bridge, and pickups. The soft cloths included in each kit produce a shiny, renewed look.

    In addition to regular cleaning, guitars may require other maintenance to keep them in good working order. Guitar string winders are ideal for fast loosening and tightening of strings when they need to be changed. Banjos and other string folk instruments will also find use with these winders. For those who travel or live in climates where humidity is a concern, there are temperature sensors and controls for cases, as well as humidifiers, to protect the wood in acoustic instruments. As a beloved instrument, used by many musicians, a guitar performs at its best when clean and tuned.

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