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Find the perfect acoustic guitar tuner or folk instrument tuner at West Music! We have the guitar tuners guitar players trust!

Playing in tune can make or break the sound of your students practice or performance. At West Music, we make it easy for string players to make sure they hit the right notes with our comprehensive list of guitar tuner, bass and ukulele tuners. Buy one of our many electric and acoustic guitar clip-on tuners that attach directly onto an instrument, so you can focus on playing while clearly reading the tuner. We also offer handheld versions, for those players that prefer a more traditional route. All of our chromatic guitar and ukulele tuners are easy to read, extremely accurate, and compact designs. Beginner and up-and-coming musicians will find comfort with these trusty tuners, while advanced guitar tuner users will appreciate electric, acoustic and bass guitar tuners, manufactured by top names like Korg, Kala and more Planet Waves.

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Kala KK-BK Clip-On Ukulele Tuner, Black
Item No. 354983 In Stock
$19.00 $12.99
Snark SN-6X Original Ukulele Tuner
Item No. 354354 In Stock
$19.00 $16.59
$29.00 $17.69
Kala KK-BL Clip-On Ukulele Tuner, Blue
Item No. 354985 In Stock
$19.00 $12.99
$19.00 $12.99
Snark ST-8 Super Tight Chromatic Tuner
Item No. 355721 In Stock
$39.00 $19.99
Kala KK-RD Clip-On Ukulele Tuner, Red
Item No. 354984 In Stock
$19.00 $12.99
Snark SN-RE Rechargeable Clip-On Tuner
Item No. 357679 In Stock
$29.99 $19.99
Fender® FT-1 Pro Clip-On Tuner
Item No. 356455 In Stock
$24.99 $12.95

    Find your perfect guitar tuner at West Music!

    Get tuned up and your instrument prepped with our selection of high-quality guitar tuners and folk instrument accessories. With a little help from West Music, you'll be able to change your strings with ease and pluck out a pleasant tune with our handy fingerpicks. It's crucial that you keep your investment safe, so invest in a durable guitar case; in order to see your sheet music properly, consider purchasing a sturdy music stand. Browse our selection now!