Autoharps are a wonderful addition to any music classroom. Perfect for teaching the importance of accompaniment or chord progression lessons, West Music’s specially-curated collection is designed for classroom use. All autoharp instruments also include a 5-year warranty, ideal for classrooms and teachers with young students. Handcrafted by renowned manufacturers like Oskar Schmidt, these autoharps have a strong maple body with rock maple pin blocks for optimal durability and playability. We carry two different versions of the instrument: a 15 chord and 21 chord autoharps. Plus, with West Music, you can also choose autoharps by Oscar Schmidt with or without a padded gig bag.

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    Although many disagree about the origins of the autoharp, there's no arguing the instrument is a staple of folk music and a great learning tool for music classrooms. The instrument (which is not a harp but rather a zither) is an ideal way to teach chord progression or the importance of chordal accompaniment. There are various styles available including 15 chord and 21 chord models, many constructed from materials like maple for prolonged durability.

    For a time, the term autoharp was a registered trademark of U.S. Music Corporation. Their Oscar Schmidt division manufactured the instrument starting in the early 1900s and today is one of the most recognized names in the autoharp world. Modern autoharp instruments usually have 36 or 37 strings (although some have as many as 47) and a selection of major, minor, and dominant seventh chords. Bring the autoharp into a classroom or the hands of a young musician with a selection from West Music.