5 and 6 string banjos, typically associated with country, folk and bluegrass music, have a rich history in American music. The distinct, unique plucking sound can be manipulated through various playing techniques, such as clawhammer and frailing. West Music has a carefully curated collection of banjos for beginners and advanced players from the best names, like Fender and Westwood. We’ve also included several comprehensive banjo starter kits, which are great for anyone looking to get acquainted with this one-of-a-kind instrument. Add-on items include straps, stands, tuners, gig bags, fingerpicks, and more. So pick up the best in beginner banjo packs and instruments to pleasurably acquaint your students or yourself to this slice of American culture.

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    While typically associated with bluegrass music, the banjo's history goes back much further than when bluegrass emerged in the mid-1940s. Its roots trace back to the African gourd-based instruments brought to the United States hundreds of years earlier. From there, the instrument evolved and became a popular sight in minstrel shows. Since then, its popularity has been primarily in the country, folk, and bluegrass genres. Although the popularity of the bands like Mumford and Sons and The Lumineers has brought the instrument into the mainstream pop scene.

    Five and six string banjo models are available, along with complete kits. There is a model for every level of musical skill – beginner and professional players can pick up any of these fun instruments. One of the best options for students is the starter kit or package which often includes accessories like straps, tuners, strings, fingerpicks, and gig bags - everything needed to get started learning to play. West Music also offers reasonably priced instruments available for those looking to get a quality instrument without breaking the bank.