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Dulcimers are fretted stringed instruments, perfect for adding a folk vibe to your classroom. Evoking the charms of traditional Appalachia, it will simultaneously provide unique flair to performances. West Music brings you some of the finest models for students, including handcrafted Applecreek dulcimer instruments. For use in a class or therapy setting, we’ve included convenient bulk sets which allow users to make their own! These dulcimer kits for students require no sharp tools to construct, and come with the frets pre-installed for convenience and optimal tone. Additionally, the fretted string instrument packages include playing manuals, straight-forward building instructions and extra strings to make the process as easy as possible. Best yet, these student dulcimers kits are durable enough to last for years.

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AppleCreek ACD100 Teardrop Dulcimer
Item No. 301632 In Stock
Applecreek Natural
$219.95 $169.99
Backyard Music BSD Pre-Fretted Dulcimer Kit w/Cardboard Soundbox, Set of 12
Item No. 300187 Ships directly from Manufacturer
Backyard Music Natural
Backyard Music PSD Pre-Fretted Dulcimer Kit with Cardboard Soundbox
Item No. 300191 In Stock
Backyard Music Natural

    Known for their sweet sound that evokes images of a charming Appalachian life, dulcimers are a great way to introduce young students to the classic folk sounds of a fretted stringed instrument. The exact history of the instrument is murky, but traces back to similar instruments in Sweden, Norway, Germany, and France, despite its popularity in 19th century America. More recently, its modern debut was common sight in performances during the 1950's and 1960's folk music revival. Unlike other stringed instruments, dulcimers still come made in a variety of shapes – the most popular of which are the hourglass, the ellipse, the teardrop, and the trapezoid.

    Popular dulcimer brands among music educators include AppleCreek and Backyard Music. AppleCreek instruments simplify the learning process and are relatively inexpensive - something both budding students and teachers with a budget can appreciate. Backyard Music also offers inexpensive dulcimers made with a cardboard sound box. The use of cardboard makes the instrument lightweight and easy to handle for young children while preserving acoustic response and strength. These are ideal for any early music education setting.

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