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The ukulele might be the perfect instrument, easy to play and even easier to love. Young or old, beginner or advanced, the uke can accommodate all skill levels and musical goals. Its small size makes it highly portable. The affordable price fits into the tightest budgets. There are even durable plastic models in a rainbow of beach- and waterproof colors.

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Makala MK-S Soprano Ukulele
Item No. 303685 In Stock
Makala Natural
$69.00 $59.00
$2,326.99 $1,759.99
Kala KA-15S Soprano Ukulele
Item No. 304164 In Stock
Kala Natural
$89.00 $65.00
$809.99 $609.99
$2,576.65 $1,929.99
Westwood WU-S Soprano Ukulele with Gig Bag
Item No. 306071 In Stock
Westwood Natural
$65.99 $52.99
Kohala Kine'O Series KO-C Concert Ukulele
Item No. 303133 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Kohala Natural
$109.00 $69.00
$2,156.65 $1,589.99

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    So, how do you choose a ukulele? This article may help, but generally, the soprano is the most popular. The larger concert, tenor, and bass ukuleles produce deeper tones and can be easier to play with larger hands. Many K-8 music teachers choose the soprano ukulele as their students’ first instrument due to its affordability, playability, and small classroom footprint.

    Ready to browse? West Music has all sizes from the best brands, including Fender, Gretsch, Kala, Makala, Breedlove, Cordoba, Lanikai, and more. With so many woods, colors, and designs, don’t be surprised if you end up with more than one!