Habits of a Successful Young String Musician, Book 1 (Violin)
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Habits of a Successful Young String Musician, Book 1 (Violin)

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Habits of a Successful Young String Musician is an excellent resource of 220 sequenced musical exercises for the beginning string student. This method uses familiar melodies to encourage learning and pitch development, introduces early bow use, and includes access to online videos, allowing students to see and hear professional string players modeling good tone and technique for each exercise.

Other highlights of this series:

  • Students begin using the bow earlier than other resources.

  • The familiar melodies enable students to use their ears to develop good pitch and tone.

  • All four open strings are introduced early.

  • New notes are introduced with clear fingerboard diagrams and pictures next to the staff.

  • New keys are taught by highlighting notes affected by the new key signature.

  • Long notes and rests are introduced early so students learn to count and subdivide.

  • Melodies in 3/4 appear early and often.

  • Nine pages of sight-reading exercises develop stronger tonal and rhythmic literacy skills.

  • High-quality photos of excellent hand positions to help students develop great technique.

  • Warm-up pages with scales, arpeggios, tuning canons, bowing variations, and other great tools for introducing, teaching, and reinforcing skills.

Online resources (https://habitsstrings.com/) include instructional videos by professional string coaches to reinforce instrument position, left-hand set-up, bow hand technique, hooked bows, slurs, developing good tone, as well as shifting and positions in the lower strings. This companion website also features supplemental resources including accompaniment tracks, start-up clinic videos, and full performance videos for each exercise in the book.


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