Hear It, Read It, Write It!
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Hear It, Read It, Write It!

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Hear It, Read It, Write It!30 Sequential Music Dictation Lessons
By Dave and Jean PerryBook and CD+Ages 9-14
There are three basic elements to learn in the language of music: listening, reading, and writing. This well-organized book provides sequential step-by-step lessons for those developing these skills.  The concepts of rhythm, note, and interval are presented in the following way: first, hear and echo a short musical example; second, read and perform a notated exercise; and third, notate musical phrases as demonstrated on the CD. There are worksheet-style student pages included on the enhanced CD as reproducible PDFs. These ten-minute activities used for teaching or assessment are recommended for 4th through 9th grade music classes or ensembles.
Foreword  How to Use This Book  Lessons  Rhythm: Quarter Note and Quarter Rest  Rhythm: Two Eighth Notes and One Eighth Note  Time Signatures: 4/4  Time Signatures: 2/4 and 3/4  Rhythm: Half Note  Rhythm: Half Rest  Rhythm: Dotted Half Note  Rhythm: Dotted Quarter Note and Eighth Note  Rhythm: Whole Note and Whole Rest  Major Scale, Key Signatures: C and F  Solfege: DO and RE  Solfege: MI  Solfege: TI  Solfege: LA  Solfege: FA  Solfege: SOL  Key Signatures: F and B flat  Key Signatures: E flat and A flat  Key Signatures: G and D  Key Signatures: A and E  Intervals: Second  Intervals: Third  Review  Intervals: Fifth  Review  Intervals: Fourth  Review  Appendices:  Blank Dictation Templates  Rhythm Reading Guide  Rhythm Cards  Music Symbols Practice  Draw the Barlines and What's My Name?  Major Scale  Curwen Hand Signs  Keyboard Diagram  Key Signature Flashcards  About the Authors


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