Kindermusik at West Music

Led by Licensed Kindermusik Educator Amy Linville, West Music's Kindermusik classes are held in our Marion store, located at 1398 Twixt Town Road. With classes available for children 18 months and younger, those between 1½ − 3, and children from 3 − 5, we have opportunities for every child and caregiver to take advantage of the Kindermusik curriculum.

What is Kindermusik?

Kindermusik is an early childhood music and movement program, founded over 30 years ago. The Kindermusik International Creative Team has created the Kindermusik curriculum to be taught only by Licensed Kindermusik Educators. The purpose of Kindermusik is to enhance total child development through exploratory musical activities. While activities vary by age range, they include singing, listening, vocal and rhythmic play, dancing, chanting, bouncing, exploring simple percussion instruments, and experiencing a wide variety of musical examples, including folk songs, classical music, multicultural songs, jazz, and music original to Kindermusik. Additionally, Kindermusik classes always include a set of high quality materials including CD's, books, instruments, home activity guides and more to help you continue your musical experience at home.

Kindermusik Foundations of Learning help you understand the ways that Kindermusik musical activities impact all areas of child development. Activities focus on six major areas:

  • Language development
  • Cognitive development
  • Emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Social development
  • Musical development

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Fall Kindermusik classes begin August 28!

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  • Foundations
    Ages newborn - 18mo
  • Level 2
    Ages 17mo - 3½ years
  • Level 3
    Ages 3½ - 5 years

Ages newborn - 18mo

For babies ages Newborn - 18 months

  • 2 Seven Week Sessions - All Classes 45 minutes
  • Home materials include: Home CD, Baby board book, Baby safe instrument & 2 art banners PER session.

Through a unique blend of multi-level activities including creative movement, vocal play, object and instrument exploration, and a colorful literature component, your baby's growth and development are stimulated and all of his senses engaged. Activities include intentional touch warm-ups, chants, songs, baby-safe instrument exploration, exercises, interactive dances, and more.


Fall 2017 Foundations Classes

Fall Unit: Feathers and Do-Si-Do

Fall 2017 Foundations Class Schedule

Sep 5 - Oct 17Tuesdays 11:00amFeathers0 - 18moAmy LinvilleRegister Online
Sep 5 - Dec 12Tuesdays 11:00amFeathers & Do-Si-Do0 - 18moAmy LinvilleRegister Online
Sep 7 - Oct 19Thursdays 5:30pmFeathers0 - 18moLaura BarnettRegister Online
Sep 7 - Dec 14Tuesdays 5:30pmFeathers & Do-Si-Do0 - 18moLaura BarnettRegister Online
Oct 24 - Dec 12Tuesdays 11:00amDo-Si-Do0 - 18moAmy LinvilleRegister Online
Oct 26 - Dec 14Thursday 5:30pmDo-Si-Do0 - 18moLaura BarnettRegister Online
Fees for Fall 2017 Foundations Classes7 weeks $108 (Materials $38; Tuition $70)
 14 weeks $210 (Materials $75; Tuition $135)

Level 2
Ages 17mo - 3½ years

For toddlers ages 17 months - 3½ years

  • 14 weekly 45-minute classes with a caregiver
  • Home materials include 2 home CD's, 2 story books, a home activity book, a specially made pair of Zig-Zag Blocks, all conveniently stored in a Fun, green Wiggles & Giggles Carry Bag!

Exploratory music and movement activities such as singing, moving, bouncing, dancing, listening, chanting, finger plays and playing simple instruments encourage your child’s blossoming sense of self and give her a supportive environment in which to explore new skills such as sharing and taking turns. A variety of hands on activities allow even the most active toddlers to have a meaningful, delightful learning experience.

Egg Shaker Party

Fall 2017 Level 2 Classes

Fall Unit: Wiggles & Giggles

Fall 2017 Level 2 Class Schedule

Aug 28 - Dec 11Mondays 6:00pmWiggles & Giggles1.5 - 3Amy LinvilleRegister Online
Sep 5 - Dec 12Tuesdays 10:00amWiggles & Giggles1.5 - 3Amy LinvilleRegister Online
Sep 6 - Dec 13Wednesdays 9:15amWiggles & Giggles1.5 - 3Amy LinvilleRegister Online
Sep 6 - Dec 13Wednesdays 10:15amWiggles & Giggles1.5 - 3Amy LinvilleFull
Sep 6 - Dec 13Wednesdays 5:30pmWiggles & Giggles1.5 - 3Amy LinvilleRegister Online
Sep 7 - Dec 14Thursdays 6:30pmWiggles & Giggles1.5 - 3Laura BarnettRegister Online
Fees for Fall 2017 Level 2 Classes$200 (Materials $65; Tuition $135)

Level 3
Ages 3½ - 5 years

For Children 3½ to 5 Years

  • 14 weekly 45-minute classes; First 30 minutes with teacher & class; Final 15 minutes, caregiver & family join in.
  • Home materials include 2 Home CD's, 2 story books, a Home Activity book, See What I Saw Play set,a Clatterpillar & Lumi Sticks (instruments) in an Imagine That Backpack!

You and your child will embark on a musical journey of discovery and exploration. A journey limited only by the power of imagination. Pretend play activities are integrated with music, vocal development, storytelling, movement and literature to capture your child's potential and to learn and to encourage cognitive and literacy skills, creativity and individuality.

Amy and the Tiernans

Fall 2017 Level 3 Classes

Fall Unit: See What I Saw

Fall 2017 Level 3 Class Schedule

Aug 28 - Dec 11Mondays 5:00pmSee What I Saw3 -5Amy LinvilleRegister Online
Sep 5 - Dec 12Tuesdays 12:15pmSee What I Saw3 - 5Amy LinvilleRegister Online
Sep 6 - Dec 13Wednesdays 11:15amSee What I Saw3 - 5Amy LinvilleRegister Online
Sep 6 - Dec 13Wednesdays 6:30pmSee What I Saw3 - 5Amy LinvilleFull
Fees for Fall 2017 Level 3 Classes$205 (Materials $70 (new) $65 (returning); Tuition $135)

Kindermusik with Little Maestros Educators

Amy Linville - Amy Linville is the owner and Director of Kindermusik with Little Maestros. She has been a licensed Kindermusik educator for 18 years & is celebrating her 13th year as a Kindermusik Maestro, Mezzanine Level - a distinguished award given by Kindermusik International to programs in the top 5% Worldwide, recognizing excellence in teaching and building a truly expansive program.

Amy earned her BA in Music & Piano Pedagogy from Mount Mercy College & a Music Therapy degree from the University of Iowa. She has spent a significant part of her life behind the piano and is forever grateful to her Great Grandfather Paul for introducing her to piano at age 8. She has continued to pass along a love of music to her own 3 children, all of whom have musical & artistic talents.

Kindermusik brings together Amy’s greatest loves, Early Childhood Education and Music. She strongly agrees with Kindermusik International that, “every child is musical, every parent is the child’s most important teacher, and the home is the most important place for learning to take root and grow.” In the Little Maestros classroom, parents will share in their children’s development through participation and the joy of music ♥

Laura Barnett - aka, Ms Laura, first experienced Kindermusik while studying Piano Performance at Bob Jones University. Her professor, a licensed Kindermusik educator, gave a phenomenal Kindermusik teaching demonstration and for Laura, it was love at first sight! She recalls thinking, "someday, when I have children, I'm going to do Kindermusik with them!"

Her accomplishments include a Master of Music degree in Piano Pedagogy from the University of Illinois, rewarding experiences as an accompanist and piano teacher, and marriage to her best friend Ben!

Laura has been thrilled to be able to participate in Kindermusik classes with her two sweet little boys and new baby girl. She is very excited to be a part of the Kindermusik with Little Maestros Studio as an educator and share her passion for music, children, and the Kindermusik curriculum!