Preventive Maintenance Services for Electronic Equipment

You rely on your electronic equipment to be right and ready for every performance. When tubes go bad, knobs and sliders crackle, or power amps overheat, it's almost never at a rehearsal or when they're in storage - it happens during a gig, when you have no choice but to somehow play on. The older your gear, the greater the likelihood that a cold solder joint or a dirty control will bring an early end to a set, and perhaps a show.

West Music's Preventive Maintenance Services are designed to let you concentrate on your performance instead of your equipment when you're on stage. Just like a dental checkup or an oil change, regular preventive maintenance for your mission-critical equipment can keep your favorite gear running for years. We've created some packages for some of the most common equipment, combining affordable pricing with thorough service so you can get the most out of your musical equipment investment for years to come.

Power Amp Service - $50

Power amplifiers are the muscle behind your sound system, and they take a lot of abuse as they travel from show to show. We are now offering preventive maintenance on power amps to help keep your system running smoothly. This service includes testing your amplifier under load and chemically treating all inputs/outputs and controls, as well as opening the unit up and cleaning out the dust, dirt, and debris.

Guitar/Bass Amps - $50

Guitar amps work hard and play hard – they get knocked over, have beverages spilled on them, and they run full throttle for hours on end. In this service, we will test all functions of your amp, plus remove the chassis and chemically treat all controls to help reduce crackling. We will clean all input, output and send/return jacks, reseat internal connections and check for cold solder joints.

Analog Mixer Service - from $50

Mixers are the central hub for all your sources. They can make the difference between an unforgettable performance and a performance you wish you could forget. Have us check out your mixer and help keep you on track to create more memorable music. We will test the full function of your mixer, clean and lubricate faders and chemically treat all input/output jacks. Due to the wide variety of mixer designs, flat rate service does not include chemically treating mixer controls (potentiometers). A quote for this service will be provided if found necessary.

Analog Mixer Pricing
12 channel mixer:$50
13-24 channel Mixer:$75
25-36 channel mixer:$100
37-48 channel mixer:$125


Preventive maintenance rates do not apply to non-functioning equipment, and standard diagnostic charges will apply to these items. Please complete and sign the Electronics Repair Form and indicate your wish to receive preventive maintenance.