Infeld Red IR02 Violin A String, 4/4
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Infeld Red IR02 Violin A String, 4/4

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Based in Vienna, Thomastik-Infeld has been developing and producing high-performance strings since 1919. That's over 100 years of experience, research, and innovation; over 100 years of constant listening. Their philosophy is to fulfill a need and provide an incentive: developing the most cutting-edge, reliable, and tonally rich products. Thanks to progressive design in engineering, technical expertise, and nimble-fingered dexterity, Thomastik-Infeld produces the sound that wins over and inspires listeners on stages and streets worldwide.

Infeld Red IR02 Violin A String

Wound on an advanced synthetic core, the Infeld string system is designed to cover the entire tonal spectrum, enabling players to achieve string-by-string tonal preferences without the headaches of uneven string-to-string tensions. Infeld Red strings are designed to create a powerful, warm and expansive tone. These strings are excellent for soloists.


Instrument: Violin
Pitch: A
Size: 4/4
Tension: Medium
Manufacturers Model: IR02
Core Material: Composite Core
Outer Material: Aluminum-Alloy-Wound


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BrandInfeld Red
Model NumberIR02


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