Jargar Superior Viola String Set, 15/17"
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Jargar Superior Viola String Set, 15/17"

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Handmade is a word that can seldom be used today. Yet in Copenhagen, Denmark, Jargar Strings has been upholding a tradition for world-class handmade strings for violin, viola, cello, and double bass since 1956.

Jargar's skilled stringmakers each finish about 60 perfect strings a day with care, dedication, and professional pride to produce the unique and characteristic warm and brilliant sound of Jargar strings.

Jargar Superior Viola String Set, 15/17"

In this current age, where the demand for power to project sound from stage to an audience is bigger than ever, you now have a new string solution – Viola Superior. The set gives you extra range to sink in without breaking the sound. It gives you the possibility to hear yourself even while playing softly. The sound is clear, concentrated, and strong, and the pitch is easy to detect under the orchestra playing, which makes it easier to adjust. The set offers a palette of sound. You have the flexibility of a synthetic core string, as well as the warmth and sweetness of gut strings. The strings are balanced top to bottom, on large and small violas. The set feels soft and easy for the left hand. The strings have a quick response and good left-hand playability. It is very easy to mold the sound from the smallest PPP to a full-blown FFF. All in all, you get a perfect set for orchestra, chamber music, and solo playing.

Instrument: Viola
Series: Superior
Pitch: Set
Size: 15" up to 17"
Tension: Medium


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Model NumberSUPERIOR


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