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Johnny Jazz the Recorder Raider (Teacher)

By Wiegand, Tim
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Johnny Jazz is a the next wave of exciting material for the elementary music classroom by Tim Wiegand. When a meteor hits the earth, containing a mysterious new power, a musical superhero is born!  Johnny Jazz The Recorder Raider is a digital comic book musical and recorder curriculum!  Students
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Johnny Jazz is a the next wave of exciting material for the elementary music classroom by Tim Wiegand. When a meteor hits the earth, containing a mysterious new power, a musical superhero is born!  Johnny Jazz The Recorder Raider is a digital comic book musical and recorder curriculum!  Students will join in the story as they sing songs about each character and play recorder along the way to help Johnny Jazz and Ms. Melody defeat the evil Dr. Tritonian and his legion of Coda-bots!  Your students will love the colorful images and imaginative storytelling in this NEW genre of music lesson.
This PORTABLE USB DRIVE includes one SMART Notebook File, one PowerPoint file, karaoke tracks, sheet music, and printable visuals!
*For use with SMART Boards or any interactive whiteboard with PowerPoint
Song List (All tracks come with and without the melody):

Ms. Melody's Song (Deep in my Heart)
Dr. Tritonian's Song (Evil Does It!)
Be Careful
Go for it!
Danger Danger!
Johnny Jazz's Theme Song (The Recorder Raider)
Brave Attack
Bag them Up!
Evil Destroyer
The Final Battle

Author Wiegand, Tim
Format Flash Drive
Print Age/Grade Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5
Reviews (10)
  • So Much Musical Fun
    Hey Tim, I was at your workshop in San Diego and I picked up The Recorder Raider. I just wanted to let you know that my students LOVE it. I am using it with 3rd grade students. We started Recorder Karate in January and play recorder for the whole semester. My students are very motivated by Recorder Karate. All my students do well in the beginning but then some stop progressing. I really like the music in Recorder Raider. I'm finding that the repetitive use of eighth note rhythms are helping my successful recorder students to be more successful as we continue. Your use of repeated pitches in Johnny Jazz is helping my less coordinated kids and my kids that don't read as well to catch up. The story appeals to kids who are normally a little harder for me to engage. They crack me up when they come into class and ask, "Are we saving the world today, Mrs. Holtz?" We worked on the second hardest song today and as we reflected after class one student said, "Of course it's hard. Saving the world isn't easy." To which we all could agree that the most worthwhile things usually are difficult. I have had more students testing for their Karate Belt for the first time since starting Johnny Jazz the Recorder Raider. Great job with the curriculum! And thanks for helping me engage my students imaginations. They walk out of class singing the theme song... "Johnny Jazz, Johhny Jazz" Beverly Holtz Elementary Music Specialist Double Peak School San Marcos Unified School District
  • The kids love it
    My 3rd grade students have been totally captivated by Johnny! They love the story and the graphics. And yes, they love playing the songs as well.
  • Johnny Jazz the Recorder Raider
    Oh my gosh, my kids were mesmerized by Johnny Jazz! They absolutely loved it, especially the boys!! When we got to the end of the story they said, "A cliffhanger?! That must mean there is a sequel. When is the sequel coming out?!!! This recorder method book / comic book is a hit. Your students will love it!
  • Johnny Jazz the Recorder Raider
    My students loved the story of Johnny Jazz. They eagerly watched Dr. Tritonian hatching his evil plan. They loved the graphics, the superhero plot, and loved predicting what would happen next. My less-engaged kids were super excited to see the next section of the story each class. Through the story, all students were engaged and eager to play recorder along with Johnny Jazz as he battled Dr. Tritonian.
  • Wonderfully Unique
    My students have been very excited with this program! This is a unique approach for teaching the recorder that I believe will increase their music reading and recorder playing skills. This is my 20th year of teaching music and the students are completely on task and engaged.
  • Johnny Jazz saves the music
    If you are looking for a recorder activity to excite your students....then look no further! The graphics, recorder backtracks, and story line are phenomenal! There are several opportunities for student discussion, creative movement, and singing included as well! Dr. Tritonium will never prevail as long as Johnny Jazz and Ms. Melody are around to save the music!!
  • Turned my Program Around
    I had been struggling to teach recorder to my 3rd graders in an engaging and exciting way. I attended a conference lead by Tim Wiegand, learned about Johnny Jazz, and knew I HAD to get it for my students. Fast forward to the following school year when I introduced this curriculum...students were excited to learn recorder, excited to come to my class and couldn't wait to learn what happens next. They ask me frequently if the next Johnny Jazz chapter is out yet - can't wait to see it!
    From the minute I learned about this curriculum, I knew I had to get it for my students! Graphic novels are very popular and engaging at the 4th grade level. I was so excited when my students exclaimed for more when we finished! Through this curriculum, students are not only engaged by the story, but are also challenged to play well! My students have become wonderful sight-readers and more independent musicians because of this program. I encourage you to buy it now!
  • Kids love it
    My students are loving Johnny Jazz! I've been using it as a reward for when they stay on task. At the end of class, they get to find out what happens next in the comic. Great supplement to any recorder curriculum.
  • Captivating!
    I was looking for a recorder activity that would engage my students in my structured learning class (class for students with autism) and Johnny Jazz was a smashing hit on day one! Students in my SLC class are typically distracted and have difficulty doing full group instruction, and the first day I introduced Johnny Jazz all the students were fully engaged and answering questions that are brought up on the “partner share” slides. I even was able to get them to create movements for one of the songs. I look forward to continuing to explore the curriculum and use it with my 4th grade gen ed class! Thank you Tim!
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