Kazoo Day 2022


Buzzworthy Kazoos for Classrooms, Music Lessons, and More!

The humble kazoo is finally having its day — on Friday, January 28, to be exact. The simple instrument invented in the 1840s by Alabama Vest is now being embraced by music educators. Turns out it’s a great teaching tool for variety of music concepts like melody, harmony, improvisation, and patterns. Students of most abilities can easily play the kazoo. Plus, the kazoo has a way of keeping kids engaged.

West Music has all sorts of kazoos, including classroom value packs, kazoos on lanyards, electric kazoos — even kazoo music curriculum books.

Fun Fact The kazoo is part of a musical instrument family called “mirlitons”.
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West Music HK50 Kazoo
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West Music 3 Years+
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West Music HK50 Kazoo - 100 PK
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West Music
$210.00 $90.25
Kazoobie Kazoos HUMMbucker Electric Kazoo
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Kazoobie Kazoos
$25.50 $19.99
West Music HK50 Kazoo - 50 PK
Item No. 402071 In Stock
West Music
$105.00 $45.15
Kazoobie Lanyard Kazoo
Item No. 401863 In Stock
Kazoobie Kazoos 3 Years+
$2.85 $2.75
The Kazoo Company Metal Trumpet Kazoo
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The Kazoo Company
$20.55 $16.99
The Kazoo Company Metal Trombone Kazoo
Item No. 401563 In Stock
The Kazoo Company
$20.55 $16.99
Kazoobie WAZOO Kazoo
Item No. 400969 In Stock
Kazoobie Kazoos 3 Years+
$4.99 $3.85
West Music HK50 Kazoo - 25 PK
Item No. 402070 In Stock
West Music
$52.50 $23.75