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Music movement and have been inseparable through human history, providing expressive and evocative inspiration to dancers, players and audiences alike. Children know instinctively that music and movement are tied together, and when movement and dance are used as teaching tools, kids are instantly engaged. Help your students channel their natural energy creatively with books, recordings and movement props from West Music. From scarves and parachutes that teach coordination and working together while getting the wiggles out, to dance instruction and cultural units, find your inspiration here, and keep those kids moving!

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Hohner Kids HO359 Easy Grip Tactile Egg Shaker
Item No. 204923 In Stock
Hohner Kids Newborn+
$3.00 $2.99
Hohner Kids MTS-25 Rhythm Instrument Package
Item No. 201210 In Stock
Hohner Kids 3 Years+
$190.00 $159.99
Hohner Kids MT-608 Toddler Tambourine
Item No. 203297 In Stock
Hohner Kids 12 Months+
$14.00 $11.99
Hohner Kids MP-450 Clatterpillar
Item No. 200460 In Stock
Hohner Kids 3 Years+
$14.00 $11.99
Hohner Kids MP-200 Mini Rainmaker
Item No. 201115 In Stock
Hohner Kids 6 Months+
$14.00 $11.99
Hohner Kids HO378 Puppy Slide Whistle
Item No. 204354 In Stock
Hohner Kids 2 Years+
$10.00 $7.99
Hohner Kids MS9000 Baby Band
Item No. 201880 In Stock
Hohner Kids 3 Months+
$25.00 $19.99
Hohner Kids MP-365 Maracito
Item No. 201253 In Stock
Hohner Kids 6 Months+
$3.75 $3.49
Hohner Kids MP-341 Cage Bell
Item No. 200259 In Stock
Hohner Kids 6 Months+
$8.00 $7.99

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