Learning an instrument can start at nearly any age with a glockenspiel or set of bells from West Music's specialized collection for kids. Use our desk and hand bells and children's instruments to begin teaching kids the fundamentals of melody, coordination and technique. The colored bars (and bells) will help to develop memorization skills, and the fun frames will keep little ones engaged. Get a carrying case and bring the wonderful sound of children's music anywhere!

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    Kick start your child’s musical experience with fun kids' handbells, glockenspiels and desk bells. Available in manageable styles and vibrant color themes to keep your little ones interested, these easy-to-use instruments deliver playful high-pitch chimes in a number of different keys. The children’s handbells, glockenspiels and hand chimes were shaped by respected manufacturers like Basic Beat, Kidsplay and Sonor to help students differentiate between notes, as well as strengthen memory and learning capabilities. Thanks to the quality construction and thoughtful designs, children as young as three-years-old can partake in the musical expression. Explore West Music’s collection of kids' hand bells, glockenspiels and desktop instruments to start your child’s musical education today.