West Music’s carefully curated selection of frame drums for kids is perfect for early childhood use in an assortment of settings, such as the classroom, music therapy, and home. Your kids or students will love keeping the beat with these easy-to-play instruments. Whether you’re looking for something eye-catching, like the lollipop drums from Remo Kids, or a more professional looking kid’s frame drum, such as pre-tuned frames by Nino Percussion, shop with West Music. All available frame and hand drums for kids are styled and designed for quality sound despite being kid-friendly, colorful and downright cute!

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    Developing rhythm at an early age is key for your child or student to succeed when learning to play music. Through interactive learning, this fundamental skill will progress quickly. Utilizing hand and frame drums designed for children is ideal to nurture their timeliness when ranging through quarter to eighth notes. At West Music, we have a wide array of options for you to use with children in the classroom or at home! Young musicians as young as two years old can get in on the action.

    We stock a range of frame drums in various sizes individually or included in sets for added value. Age appropriate designs include bears and lollipops to attract the young player. At West Music, we are proud to offer a range of brands such as Remo and Nino, whose worldwide renown in producing percussion. You can rely on their quality and any of our other top selling brands! Shop these products and more at West Music today.