Kids Gathering Drums

Shop gathering drums for kids at West Music!

Whether they’re free-styling or following your lead, children love playing the gathering drums. These oversized drums allow kids to discover their own rhythm with solo play, and encourage them to work together with friends and classmates to create a song or follow a set pattern. Available in vibrant colors, short or taller options, as well as many different diameters, they produce surprisingly deep tones that children can actually feel in their hands and bodies. Gathering drums are appropriate for kids of all ages and developmental abilities, as they can can play with both mallets or hands.

Available from brands including Remo, kid’s gathering drums are sturdy and durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of young children and constant use. West Music carries an assortment of drums at affordable prices that work within your budget, so whether you’re a camp counselor, music teacher, or therapist, your children can play and have fun making rhythms.