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Perfectly sized for elementary aged students and younger, West Music’s collection of tone/slit drums are a great addition to any classroom, home or music therapy session. The slits allow for a slew of different sounds to be produced, and the instruments can be played with either a rubber mallet or even just fingers. Ideal for toddlers and children of various ages, our Hohner and Plan Toys tone/slit drums are environmentally friendly. Shop online with West Music today to pass along to your kids an introduction to rich African culture, hand-eye coordination and music appreciation.

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Hohner Kids HO825 Wood Tone Drum w/Mallet
Item No. 204197 In Stock
Hohner Kids 2 Years+ Yellow
$30.00 $25.99
Green Tones 3770 Square Tone Drum
Item No. 206577 In Stock
Green Tones 3 Years+
$32.00 $23.38

    When searching for the perfect instrument to introduce rhythm into a child’s life, consider a tone/slit drum from West Music. With fabulous products from brands like Hohner Kids and Plan Toys, a budding musician as young as 19 months can make music. Their rubber mallets ensure the child is safe as he or she discovers the beauty of beats. What’s more, the surface of these drums work well with little strumming fingers. There is no “wrong way” to enjoy a tone/slit drum! Use these percussion instruments in the classroom or at home as a perfect introduction to African, Asian, and South American cultures.

    For hundreds of years, the slit drums’ warm sound graced drum circles around the world. With just one purchase from West Music, a child’s musical knowledge will expand! Shop these historical instruments designed for the modern age on our site today.

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