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Explore West Music’s fun selection of kid’s tubano drums to introduce flavorful and fun African percussion to your children. Designed by music innovators Remo Kids, these pre-tuned drums produce quality tone and come with vibrantly colored skins. Produce a beat by playing the tubanos with either your hands or a mallet, and rest assured that these children’s instruments are resilient enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic of performers. Give your student or child the ability to express themselves with Remo Kids tubano drums today!

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Remo Kids Percussion DP-25TU-01 Set of 3 Nested Tubanos
Item No. 205774 In Stock
Remo 5 Years+
$704.00 $361.95
Remo Kids Percussion KD-5080-01 10" Floor Tom
Item No. 200747 In Stock
Remo 3 Years+
$95.10 $59.95
Remo Kids Percussion KD-0010-01 10" Tubano
Item No. 201578 In Stock
Remo 5 Years+ Rain Forest
$255.20 $147.95
Remo Rhythm Club RH-5010-00 10" Floor Tom
Item No. 200746 In Stock
Remo 5 Years+
$67.10 $38.95

    Appealing to young children with an instrument can be difficult if the item is not visually appealing. Tubano drums from West Music will catch any kid’s eye with their colorful and creative-looking exterior. Accompanied by a mallet and easy to play on the ground, music teachers and parents will have a hard time convincing a child to share their new found tubano drum! Children can use mallets or even their hands to produce a rhythmic beat with a pleasing sound.

    Purchase multiple drums in varying heights and designs to create a diverse drum circle in the classroom that encourages group play. Kids will learn the importance of rhythm and better develop hand-eye coordination with these instruments. West Music stocks tubano drums from Remo, known for products that appeal to kids interested in the world of music. Shop this selection today and save!

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