Sound Shapes

Shop Sound Shapes Drums at West Music

Engage young children’s minds and encourage group collaboration with the kid’s sound shapes from West Music. Sound shapes are sets of different sized hand-drums that are perfect for stimulating group participation and rhythm following, and work well for children of all ages and abilities. These drums produce a stable tone and come in both standard and muted volume options for areas where sound-level is a concern. Often brightly colored and with mallets included, these little instruments are easily storable and stackable for quick clean-up in classrooms and music therapy rooms. Find sets from as little as three drums to as many as 25, with some packs even including carrying cases.

West Music is proud to carry these sound shape drum sets from brands like Remo and our own in-house label. We strive to offer these quality products at affordable prices within your budget so that no matter your funds, your students, campers, or clients can play and enjoy the fun of rhythm making.