Kids Kazoos

kazoo instrumentkazoo instrument

Start playing the kazoo today!

If you can hum, you’re a musician. And it’s all thanks to the humble kazoo! Portable and inexpensive, you can play solo, give ‘em out as party favors, or form a kazoo band. Invented in the 1840s by Alabama Vest, music educators embrace the kazoo as a great way to teach music concepts like melody, harmony, improvisation, and patterns. Kids can’t put them down, and people of most abilities can easily play along. Ready to take it up a notch? Check out the excessively loud WAZOO Kazoo or the Kazoobie Kazoo with a HUMMbucker electric pickup. Plug it into an amp or effects box to get the party started! West Music has all sorts of kazoos, including classroom value packs, kazoos on lanyards, electric kazoos — even kazoo music curriculum books.