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Kids’ Drums and Percussion Instruments

kid drums

West Music is the perfect place to find children drums for children or bongos for kids!

Learn to play in minutes, then spend a lifetime mastering them. That’s one of many reasons everyone loves drums and percussion instruments. And with shakers, bells, and mini drums made especially for babies and toddlers, you can start ‘em out before they’re even crawling.

Percussion instruments are flat-out rockstars when it comes to teaching rhythm patterns and music basics to children of all ages and abilities. Take out a lollipop drum, shaker, or tambourine and introduce simple percussive patterns or encourage kids to play along with a favorite song. There’s no right or wrong way to have a percussion jam!

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Boomwhackers BWDG 8-Note C Major Diatonic Set
Item No. 200346 In Stock
Boomwhackers 3 Years+
$31.79 $26.24
Remo Frame Drum Classroom Concept Bundle
Item No. 205404 In Stock
Remo 3 Years+
$1,511.90 $710.95
Boomwhackers 2 Octave Complete Set
Item No. 205400 In Stock
Boomwhackers 3 Years+
$149.95 $115.60
Boomwhackers BWCG 5-Note Chromatics Set
Item No. 200348 In Stock
Boomwhackers 3 Years+
$21.29 $17.85
Boomwhackers Complete Upper & Lower Octave Set
Item No. 205399 In Stock
$131.96 $89.99
Basic Beat BBTST Mini Star Tambourine
Item No. 204550 In Stock
Basic Beat 18 Months+ Various
$19.95 $6.95
Basic Beat BBH04 Sandblocks
Item No. 203764 In Stock
Basic Beat 18 Months+ Natural
$12.95 $6.95
Boomwhackers BWJG 7-Note Bass Diatonic Set
Item No. 200347 In Stock
Boomwhackers 3 Years+
$55.79 $45.14
Boomophone XTS Whack Pack
Item No. 200342 In Stock
Boomwhackers 3 Years+
$70.49 $52.53

    Shop Fun Kids Drums at West Music!

    West Music's wide selection of kids’ drums and percussion allows children to explore instruments and sounds from around the world. Steel drums from Trinidad, Africa’s djembe, Cuba’s Cajon, and bucket drums from the Bronx — these instruments reach beyond music to shine a light on different world cultures, inclusivity, and self-expression. West Music carries a diverse selection of fun and easy percussion instruments and rhythm kits, including bongos, cajons, tubanos, bucket drums, and more from the brands you love. We also offer Sing & Play & Learn Today! music and movement classes for children three months – six years and adaptive mallets and cuffs for percussionists of all abilities.