Looking for a fun kids percussion instrument packages for your classroom that children of all ages can enjoy? Look no further! West Music’s collection of toy percussion instruments has an array of everything you might need—mallets, shakers, bells, tambourines, bongos, and even a washboard and zydeco tie. Guaranteed to increase fun and musical prowess, our percussion instrument packs are ideal for toddlers and kids of various ages and skill level. Click through the numerous possibilities for baby toy drums and kids percussion packs to find products that will enrich your home or classroom today.

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Hohner Kids MTS-25 Rhythm Instrument Package
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$170.00 $159.99
Hohner Kids MS9000 Baby Band
Item No. 201880 In Stock
$24.00 $19.99
Hohner Kids HRP-6005 Mini Orchestra
Item No. 201220 In Stock
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Jungle Beat Deluxe Package
Item No. 824134 In Stock
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Westco Bag of Rhythm Kit
Item No. 204432 In Stock
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    As all parents and teachers know, kids love to make lots of noise! Channel your child or student's natural zest and imagination through percussion instruments. At West Music, we conveniently group together our bestselling drums and toys so you won’t need to look anywhere else to find the right item. Our percussion packages will channel your children’s natural noisiness into creativity and musical development. Play in a classroom setting, as part of musical therapy sessions, or at home.

    Mallets, shakers, bells, tambourines, and bongos allow children to develop their timing while improving manual dexterity and fostering a love of rhythm. These instruments are fun, interactive, colorful, and visually appealing. Our vast selection of rhythm and drum bundles is ideal for toddlers of all skill levels. We stock brands with industry-leading reputations, such as Hohner and LP, to ensure safe playing and long lasting quality. Select from our percussion packages at West Music, and watch children flourish!