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Basic Beat BBH04 Sandblocks
Item No. 203764 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Basic Beat 18 Months+
$12.95 $6.95
Hohner Kids MP-450 Clatterpillar
Item No. 200460 In Stock
Hohner Kids 3 Years+
$14.00 $11.99
Hohner Kids MP-200 Mini Rainmaker
Item No. 201115 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Hohner Kids 6 Months+
$14.00 $11.99
Westco Plastic Kokoriko
Item No. 204552 In Stock
Westco 3 Years+
$16.95 $10.95
Hohner Kids HO378 Puppy Slide Whistle
Item No. 204354 In Stock
Hohner Kids 2 Years+
$10.00 $7.99
Plan Toys Clatter
Item No. 204356 In Stock
Plan Toys 18 Months+
NINO Percussion NINO519 Woodpecker
Item No. 202870 In Stock
NINO Percussion 19 Months+
$21.00 $12.99
Hohner Kids MP-230 Waterfall Rainshaker
Item No. 204351 In Stock
Hohner Kids 6 Months+
$12.00 $9.99
Hohner Kids MP-371 Train Whistle
Item No. 400476 In Stock
Hohner Kids 2 Years+
$10.00 $9.99

    Kid's percussion sound effects and whistles engage young minds and inspire play activity. With interesting colors and designs, these instruments are an ideal product for early childhood education and exposure.

    Different percussion instruments offer unique sounds that evoke specific moods and styles of music. In addition, contrasting sound effects encourage children to explore the sounds they are making. For example, the gentle noise of a rainmaker plays perfectly with softer, classical music. This offers a stark contrast from beating a drum to a fast-paced song. A bright bell shaker can perk up the ears after hearing the more muted sounds of a traditional shaker.

    Kids sound effect instruments can help round out any music educator or therapist's collection and offer children the opportunity to experiment with combining different sounds to make their own music. They also make excellent gifts for parents of young children and even infants.

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