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It seems like there can never be enough kids sticks and mallets in an Early Childhood Education Classroom. Whether you are replacing those that somehow "walked away," or just stocking up on extras, our collection of drum sticks and percussion mallets for kids' xylophones, glockenspiels, drums and other instruments are perfect for the small hands of children and for your budget. With plastic, wood, and rubber tips, these mallets from Remo and Basic Beat will sound great and keep your students safe! Be sure to check out our vast selection of Orff Mallets and Hand Percussion Sticks and Mallets for your older players!

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Basic Beat BBRM02 11" Hard Rubber Mallets
Item No. 260237 In Stock
Basic Beat
$3.99 $2.99
Basic Beat BBRM03 7" Small Wood Mallet
Item No. 260255 In Stock
Basic Beat
$1.99 $1.40
Basic Beat BBRM04 11" Plastic Mallets
Item No. 260279 In Stock
Basic Beat
$3.99 $2.80
American Drum EC1 Early Childhood Rubber Mallets, Soft
Item No. 253926 In Stock
American Drum
Basic Beat BBRM05 7" Rubber Bell Mallets
Item No. 264833 In Stock
Basic Beat
$9.99 $3.99
American Drum CF4 Adaptive Mallet Cuff
Item No. 263798 In Stock
American Drum
Basic Beat BBRM01 8" Large Wood Mallet
Item No. 260254 In Stock
Basic Beat
$2.99 $1.99
Remo HK-1223-08 Red Tip Beater
Item No. 255631 Low Stock - 8
Remo 3 Months+
$7.40 $1.24
American Drum EC11 Early Childhood Rubber Mallets, Soft
Item No. 263816 In Stock
American Drum

    A music instructor who teaches percussion as part of their music program can never have enough sticks and mallets on hand. Every music teacher knows that these things can simply disappear, particular in an early music education classroom with kids running everywhere! As such, whether you are buying sticks for a new set of drums or merely stocking up, West Music will have options for you.

    We have a range of sticks and mallets for xylophones, glockenspiels, drums or other instruments, made by brands such as Remo and Basic Beat, itself a guarantee of quality. Our range, constructed from wood, plastic and rubber, are the perfect size for young musicians’ hands, ensuring that your music lessons are fun and safe. They are also great value, meaning that you won’t be too disappointed if a few of them disappear! Of course, at West Music we also stock a range of Orff mallets and other hand percussion for your older and more experienced students.

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