Movement props are not only incredibly enjoyable for children, but they impart essential coordination skills as well. West Music's offering of bean bags, scarves, ribbons, streamers, parachutes and stretchy bands will help kids learn the natural rhythms of their bodies while simultaneously connecting to the music on multiple levels. Many of our movement teaching aids and puppets can be paired with books and recordings so you can make the most out of these fun and effective props. Great for classrooms, music therapy sessions and at home play, movement props and puppets offer a world of opportunities for children to explore, create, move, imagine, and so much more!

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West Music WM27S Hemmed Scarves
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Bear Paw Creek Cloth Bean Bags
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Bear Paw Creek Large Stretchy Band
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    Movement comes naturally to young children exploring the world of music. With the right props and instruments, a music educator can unlock a budding musician’s talent. Lummi sticks in particular should be a staple in every classroom. These simple-looking, cylinder shaped sticks can strike together and make a distinct sound. Often used as a way to build hand-eye coordination skills, children must keep a steady beat to experience successful rhythm with Lummi sticks. Music instructors can use these sticks during a lesson plan or as an option during free time with musical instruments.

    Named after Lummi Native Americans, the sticks often make an appearance during elementary school years in the United States. West Music produces Lummi sticks without paint, keeping the safety of curious kids in mind. Sold in a variety of pairs and lengths, from six to 10 inches, West Music is proud to offer these for any interested parent or teacher!