Bean Bags for kids!

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Bear Paw Creek Cloth Bean Bags
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Bear Paw Creek Textured Bean Bags
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Bear Paw Creek BPC2023 Balloon Ball
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Bean Bag and Ball Play
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$33.95 $30.85

    More than a toy, bean bags are fabulous educational tools, particularly in music classes. They produce a sound similar to shakers, while developing hand/eye coordination. The learned motor skills and improved balance assists in overall growth for children. These bean bags for kids have close associations with various games that help teach teamwork, the importance of following directions, color identification, and rhythm.

    The list of ways to incorporate bean bags into lesson plans is almost endless. Pass the bags from hand to hand in a regular pattern and incorporate clapping to teach rhythm. Play bean bag musical freeze where kids hand off the bags while music plays and stops. Toss the bags while reciting a popular rhyme. These games with the bean bags make learning an enjoyable experience!

    Bags usually come in a variety of bright colors and some even come as part of a set that includes a CD of music and activities. These fun items are available on West Music today!