Shop movement scarves at West Music!

Ideal for young children of all abilities, music and movement scarves from West Music offer the visual, tactile, and physical stimulation kids need. Whether you teach pre-school, homeschool your own children, or are a music therapist, scarves are a fantastic way to engage young learners and help them understand the basics of movement patterns, symmetry, motor skills, and color recognition. Discover an assortment of shades, styles, and sizes from large sets of 24 that offer a variety to classrooms, to single canopy scarves that kids can run under and perform movement activities with. Some scarves even come as a kit with their own musical CDs and books to make the experience more well-rounded and fun for children and teachers alike.

West Music strives to bring educators and therapists the tools needed to help students learn, at prices that work with their budget rather than against it. Available from brands including aeIDEAS and our own in-house label, the movement scarves we offer come at an amazing value.