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Dance streamers and ribbons in music classes are a delight for elementary age students and younger. They're a great way to get students on their feet and directly engaged with song - whether through free expression or a game you've created for them. West Music's collection of movement scarves and ribbons are colorful, bright and durable. To make every teacher's work easier, we've created great packages that include CDs, dance streamers, ribbons and movement scarves all in one. With these imaginative tools offered in varying styles, you're classroom is sure to full of smiling kids having a blast with music!

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West Music YTC-105 3' Rhythm Ribbons
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West Music
Bear Paw Creek Wrist Ribbons
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Bear Paw Creek
Westco 3' Streamers
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Bear Paw Creek Hoop Scarf Streamers
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Bear Paw Creek 3 Years+
Westco 7' Streamers
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West Music Ribbon Dance Streamer Package
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West Music
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West Music Ribbons & Rhythms Movement Package
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Westco 3' Streamer-Single
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West Music Ribbons & Rhythms Scarves Package
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West Music

    Get children up and moving to the beat with the great selection of music and dance streamers from West Music. With vibrant colors, durable yet flowing fabrics, and easy-to-grip handles, these ribbons ensure young learners of all abilities can have fun bopping to a rhythm. Whether you let them do their own form of “interpretive dancing” or create a specific set of movements that kids have to follow, these scarves and ribbons help students improve their motor skills and boost their creativity.

    Available in a variety of sets and packages, West Music has all the dance streamers you could need for your class, and at prices that work within your budget. A fantastic option for elementary and early-education teachers, as well as special education and music therapists, these pieces keep kids engaged and learning.

    Shop dance streamers today at West Music!