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Your child is never too young to begin learning the joys of music, which is why West Music's toy drums for toddlers, babies and preschoolers are a great choice for both the home and classroom. If your little one has been banging on your pots and pans, it may be time to give your youngster his or her own toy drum. The large, foam mallets are safe for toddler handling, and the colorful drums are enticing to little minds. The available early childhood toy drums come in bright colors—rainbow print and reds. Give your little one of West Music's perfect toy drums for babies, toddlers and preschoolers today!

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Remo Kids Make Music HD-2005-LK Baby Drum
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Remo Newborn+
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Remo 16-1228-52 8" Baby Drum Mallet Red
Item No. 260959 In Stock
Remo Newborn+
$11.50 $10.95

    Toddlers’ toy drums bring more than surface-level fun, as the percussion instruments also encourage developmental fundamentals. By playing these drums, babies can build dexterity, exercise sensory awareness and strengthen cognitive abilities. Plus, no age is too young to be introduced to musical creation! At West Music, our colorful, easy-to-use toy percussion instruments toddlers are built with a thick, lightweight shell that’s easy for your infant or child to sit with. Plus, the drum’s mallet is baby-safe, thanks to squishy balls on both ends that prevent bodily injuries. Trust brands like Remo to fashion quality toy drums for toddlers and infants that will produce pleasant percussion sounds while nurturing vital early development skills.

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