Kodaly's Principles in Practice
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Kodaly's Principles in Practice

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Kodály's Principles in Practice An Approach to Music Education through the Kodály Method by Erzsébet Szonyi Book 86 pages Contents Introduction Extracts from Statements and Observations on Music Education Made by Zoltán Kodály Historical Roots of Hungarian Music Education in Other European Pedagogical Systems The Role of Singing and Folk-Song Arrangement by Age-Groups The Teaching of Specific Elements    1. Form    2. Harmony    3. Transposition    4. Writing The Kodály Method Applied to the Teaching of Instruments Conclusions Appendices    Appendix 1: Literature    Appendix 2. A List of Foreign Visitors Who Have Attended the Author's Sol-fa Classes    Appendix 3. Lectures, etc., Held Abroad by the Author


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AuthorSzonyi, Erzsebet
PublisherBoosey and Hawkes


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