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Little Ukers, Level 1 (C Tuning)
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Little Ukers, Level 1 (C Tuning)

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Little Ukers is a comprehensive ukulele method for young students using C tuning - low G, C, E, and A. For a 4th string tuned to G below middle C, replace a high G string with a low G string. If you use a high G string, all the 4th string notes will sound an octave higher. Little Ukers was developed in 2005 to involve younger students in playing the ukulele within the Island Ukulele Society based in Victoria B.C. This method is designed for use in a classroom, or with a small group of students.

This book is intended for use in a classroom or with a small group of students.  Little Ukers uses activities, images, and a modern approach to teaching students how to play the ukulele properly. It covers the basics of strumming, ear training, music theory, note reading, and playing simple melodies.


  • Tuning the Ukulele
  • Spider Exercises
  • Jump 1: Open Strings
  • Jump 2: Open Strings
  • Jump 3: New note "G"
  • Jump 4: New note "D"
  • Jump 5: Strumming Review
  • Jump 6: New note "F"
  • Jump 7: Steps
  • Jump 8: Leaps
  • Jump 9: New note high "C"
  • Jump 10: New note "B"
  • Checklists


More Information
AuthorMcKnight, Melissa
Barcode ISBN9781895725148
BindingSpiral Bound
PublisherEmpire Music


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