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PreSonus HP2 Battery-Powered Stereo Headphone Amplifier
Item No. 740099 In Stock
PreSonus Black
PreSonus HP4 4-Channel Headphone Amplifier
Item No. 740090 In Stock
PreSonus Black
On-Stage HA4000 Pro Headphone Amplifier
Item No. 690180 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
On-Stage Black
$69.27 $42.95

    During a recording session or a live performance, it is vital that a musician can check the progress of their work whilst finding a comfortable set up for producing their masterpiece. Headphone amplifiers are perfect for this, as they allow musicians and their producers to connect to the mixing desk in order to monitor the recording process and collaborate on the mix.

    Headphone amps also allow some parts of the performance to be isolated so musicians can hear more of their own instrumentation, making sure the other players will not distract them. There are various options of headphone amplifiers available to suit a musicians needs. They range from small and affordable desktop headphone amps, perfect for those who are recording or mixing in a small space with relatively modest equipment, to larger mixing systems that have more functions and options, suitable for ambitious projects that require the utmost detail. At West Music, we stock headphone amps, mixing and distribution systems, from celebrated brands such as PreSonus.

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