Make Your Own Wacky Instruments
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Make Your Own Wacky Instruments

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This is an idea and instruction book for making a variety of simple musical instruments and sound-making devices. With few exceptions, the instruments described are not incredibly loud, enabling more people to be involved without overpowering the listener. The low volume also allows for the instruments to be played with singing and chanting.

You can make most of these instruments with hand tools - saws, hammers, chisels, hand drill, screwdriver, file, sandpaper, tape measure, etc. Access to a vice and strong workbench is recommended. If unusual tools or processes are required (e.g., tools for glass cutting), they are mentioned in the text.


  • Tools
  • Chromatic Tuners
  • Where to obtain materials
  • Degree of difficulty in making these instruments
  • J-pipes
  • Boing Pipes
  • Street Parade Band
  • Drums
  • Rubber Glove Instruments
  • Cone Instruments
  • Aluminum Tube Instruments
  • Aggy Pipe Instruments
  • Metal Instruments
  • Comb and Cup Scraper
  • Floatwhacker
  • Rubber Band Whizzer
  • Rubber Band Plucker
  • Cassettanets, Cassettaraccas, Spinal Tapes
  • Old Record Whoosher
  • Stubbyblower
  • Double Clinkaphone
  • Clackerslap
  • Thai Dancing Poles
  • Heath Robinson Instruments
  • Profile
  • Herringbone-a-phone



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AuthorMadin, Jon
Barcode ISBN9780646307244
PublisherBeatin Path Publications


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