Making Music at Home

​​​​kids music

Already watched your kids’ favorite video 32 times….today? Ready to throw a board game out a window? Made so many cookie recipes even the dog won’t try them? It’s time for some creative music-making at home!

Whether you know almost nothing or a lot about music, we have ideas to help you and your kids play together in a whole new way: read more here!

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West Music WM27S 27" Hemmed Scarves
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Basic Beat BB201 Egg Shaker
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Kala LTP-SCC Learn to Play Color Chord Soprano Ukulele
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Westco 3' Streamers
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Basic Beat BBC01 Plastic Finger Castanets
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Boomwhacker BWMP Move & Play Set
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    Make music at home with some help from West Music!