Making Music Fun for the Little Ones, Book 1
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Making Music Fun for the Little Ones, Book 1

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Making Music Fun for the Little Ones, Book 1

By Christie Noble and Tracy Stener

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Grades PreK – Grade 1

Making Music Fun, Book 1 is a great collection of songs and activities for a preschool, daycare, kindergarten, or primary classroom. Your students will love the silly sound effects, the opportunities to play instruments, movement activities and singing storybooks. However, this book provides the teacher with much more than a great song collection. The lessons and activities that are included will help your pre-readers, emerging readers, and readers to improve their listening skills and their beginning reading skills.
The songs in this collection provide a wonderful source of predictable stories. Predictable texts supply needed support to emergent readers, who often enter reading by memorizing texts they have heard many times. When the predictable text is combined with illustrations - either as manipulatives that the students will sequence, or as SMART Notebook activities - you have a powerful tool for language learning.


  • Hey Everybody!
  • Music Greeting
  • Moving Song
  • Looking for a Dinosaur
  • Ten Friendly Dinosaurs
  • Transportation Identification Game
  • Transportation Song
  • I Went to the Farm
  • On the Farm
  • Instrument Identification Game
  • Playing the Instruments
  • Phoenemic Awareness Activity
  • Shapes 1
  • Shapes 2
  • Rainbow Colors
  • Occupation Song
  • Move at the Zoo



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