Musicians of all ages can learn to appreciate the rich history of Latin music with the fantastic assortment of mariachi instruments from West Music. Whether you’re teaching a large class, small group, or your own children, we carry any instrument you might need from standard violins, trumpets, and accordions, to the more specific guitarrons and vihuelas. Crafted with beautiful designs, colors, and quality materials, students will love learning the traditional music and playing these gorgeous mariachi instruments. Purchase full sets with carrying cases included, or find just the individual pieces to start off on the right foot.

At West Music, we strive to bring the best value mariachi instruments to our customers. That’s why we offer top-rated brands including Jose Hernandez, Hohner, Yamaha, Bach, Westwood, and even our own in-house brand, to give you the greatest range of options at prices that work within your budget.

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Yamaha C40PKG Classical Guitar Package
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Bach Strad LR19043B Trumpet
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Yamaha C40II Classical Guitar
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Bach Stradivarius LR190S43B José Hernández Trumpet - Silver
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Jose Hernandez Cocula Series Violin Outfit
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    Recognized for their high-pitched, dreamy sounds, Latin Hispanic instruments boast a rich history dating back over 200 years. Whether a student picks up a guitarron, harp, requinto, or vihuela, their music knowledge is sure to expand. Smaller than a typical guitar, the guitarron and vihuela’s deep rhythms use nylon strings that are easy for kids’ fingers to grip. Have your young players pluck or strum these string instruments in an individual or group setting.

    West Music stocks Latin Hispanic instruments from top-rated brands including Candelas, Jose Hernandez and Westwood. These companies take pride in creating instruments that mimic the original style of play in mariachi bands and orchestras. Music instructors and parents love the durability of these products, built to last specifically for young, budding musicians. Shop these Latin Hispanic instruments at West Music today!