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WHOM. WHOM WHOM. If you can swing it like a saber or it’s even remotely STAR WARS™-y, it’s 15% off all day long! We scoured our shelves for this stellar collection of light-up drumsticks, STAR WARS™ licensed print music, and more. Already know you, that which you need, so do or do not. There’s still time to buy! Use promo code MAY422 during checkout.

Music ConstructED STAR WARS™ Music Lesson: “Augie’s Great Municipal Band”

Imperial March on Boomwhackers with The Chromatic Music Teacher
Cantina Band Boomwhacker/Soprano Saxophone Duet with The Chromatic Music Teacher 
Imperial March with “Sevens” Music Lesson

Imperial March on Boomwhackers Playalong Music Lesson 
Cantina Band: The Importance of Harmony by The Chromatic Music Teacher
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Boomwhackers BWDG 8-Note C Major Diatonic Set
Item No. 200346 In Stock
Boomwhackers 3 Years+
$31.79 $26.24
Boomwhackers BWJG 7-Note Bass Diatonic Set
Item No. 200347 In Stock
Boomwhackers 3 Years+
$55.79 $45.14
Boomwhackers OC8G Octavator Tube Caps 8-Pack
Item No. 200403 In Stock
Boomwhackers 3 Years+
$15.95 $11.38
Boomwhacker BWMP Move & Play Set
Item No. 205401 In Stock
$114.79 $99.25
Boomwhackers XT8G XyloTote Tube Holder
Item No. 256001 In Stock
Boomwhackers 3 Years+
$28.39 $26.00
Boomwhackers Diatonic Package w/ CD and Octavator Caps
Item No. 200343 In Stock
Boomwhackers 3 Years+
$47.94 $37.25
Boomwhackers BWEG 7-Note Treble Extension Set
Item No. 200344 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Boomwhackers 3 Years+
$20.09 $15.76
Boomwhackers G16TEL-L-X2 Tube Pair
Item No. 205386 In Stock
Boomwhackers BWH13 Floor Stand for 13 Notes
Item No. 262406 In Stock
$15.99 $15.40